What to Prepare for Your Crossfit Dubai Gyms

There are many people doing Crossfit now but they often forget that they also have to also go through certain preparations before jumping into the program. Aside from the equipment, clothes, and other necessities to do your exercises for the day, there are also some routines at Crossfit Dubai Gyms that one should be familiar with.

  1. Check out your Crossfit WOD

WOD or Work-out-of-the-Day is a list of the Crossfit movements you need to do if you are going to join the class for the day. Most gyms already have their WODs online. They post it on Facebook, leave a link of Twitter, or just post it daily on their website so it would really be easy for members to check before they join the class. Knowing your WOD will help you prepare mentally for the workout, which is a great way to increase your performance as well.


  1. Know your objectives

When you join a Crossfit class, you have to know what you want to achieve otherwise you will be lost and end up either comparing yourself to other people in your class or just totally get frustrated and quit. Most people get into Crossfit because they cannot be in a traditional gym where they get bored with the repetitive exercises. There are also people who get into Crossfit because they want to do more functional movements rather than running on a treadmill all day. Some us it to lose weight and be more fit. So you have to also have your reason why do Crossfit and know your objectives so that you will also know if you are able to achieve them.


  1. Don’t forget to do your warm up

No matter whether you are a seasoned Crossfitter or a beginner, you have to do your warm ups before a class. Not doing so or skipping or not properly doing your warm up exercises can lead to injuries and poor execution of the movements when you are in the class. Warm up helps your muscles, joints, and limbs to just loosen up and stretch so that they are ready for the harder movements once you get into the sessions.


  1. Up the Intensity

Even though Crossfit is a group fitness class and there is a WOD to follow, you can always challenge yourself and push the intensity of your workouts. But remember that you should still listen to your body. Push only up to a point where you do not feel pain. Some form of pain might be there, but if it becomes too intense or painful then you know you are over exerting yourself. Want to start Crossfit today? Get a free trial at Reebok CrossFit LifeSpark gym in Dubai.


  1. Schedule time to talk with coaches

In order to succeed in Crossfit, you have to have a time to reflect and know if what you are doing is correct. So after your Crossfit sessions, don’t forget to talk to your coach and ask what you did wrong or what other areas you can improve on.

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