Fitness Classes in Dubai: How to Prep for Fitness Class

Are you excited for your first fitness classes in Dubai? Before you dive into your classes, there are some important things to prepare. Preparing what you need for your fitness class will always make your experience more pleasant and help you get more from your sessions no matter what type of fitness class or sport you are doing.

So here are a few examples of fitness classes you might take up and what to prepare for them:

Yoga Class

If you are new to yoga and want to get the most out of your first class, remember that you have to invest in a good yoga mat. Although many fitness gyms like Vibe Fitness in Dubai provide yoga mats for members, if you are not yet comfortable using things that have been used by other people, then by all means you can bring your own yoga mat. In any case, check your gym’s policies about bringing yoga mats and other exercise equipment first.

Aside from yoga mats, you must also bring your own water bottle and hygiene stuff like towels, soaps, sanitizer. Most gyms will not provide these things for individuals so if you want to freshen up after your fitness class, you should really have your own hygiene and showering materials. Also, having your own water bottle is important because you may need to keep on hydrating yourself during your yoga class if you are not yet used to sweating a lot and you might feel very heavy and tired if you don’t drink constantly. Having your own water bottle will encourage you more to drink while doing the exercise.

Finally, don’t forget that you need to prepare what you are going to wear on your yoga class. Wear something comfortable usually clothing that is made from stretchable fabrics. You may also want to pack extra t-shirts and shorts and face towels because if you sweat too much, then you will need to change in between sessions.



If you are into Crossfit, then you also need to prepare some basic stuff to make sure you have a productive and worthwhile class. First of all, bring at least 2 extra t-shirts and undies for changing because you will sweat a lot in Crossfit so be ready to have several shirts to keep you comfortable during the entire session.

Also, you might want to bring your own water. It’s important to hydrate but some gyms might run out of their free water especially if there are many people going for the sessions that day. To make sure you always have water, you can bring some for yourself. Power drinks or energy drinks are also good but choose ones that have less sugar in them.


If you are not sure about your fitness gym’s policies about what type of clothes can be worn, just make sure you call them up beforehand or you read their website to search for the information for new members or for beginners. Usually this info can be found on their FAQ menu.

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